How to add your or someone else account into Application Impersonate Role Group in Office 365 and Exchange using Powershell?

In this post i will explain how we can manage RoleGroup Membership in Office 365 or Exchange.

Before we begin make sure you are part of Organization Management group.

Application Impersonation Role is an inbuilt role, most of the organization may have already setup this role Group for application access and Reporting.

To check if the group information and member of the group use can use the below CMDs See all role groups

Get-RoleGroup | ft Identity

You can check membership using below CMD

Get-RoleGroupMember -Identity ApplicationImpersonation | ft Identity

If the Role Group not found then you can set the up the same using the below CMD.

New-ManagementRoleAssignment –Name:Appimpersonation –Role:ApplicationImpersonation –

To add a member to role group use the below CMD.

Add-RoleGroupMember -Identity Impersonate -Member